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About Us

Waterman-Twining AFA Chapter Program Overview 2024

AFA Mission: Our mission is to promote dominant U.S. Air and Space Forces as the foundation of a strong National Defense; to honor and support our Airmen, Guardians, and their Families; and to remember and respect our enduring Heritage. To accomplish this, AFA has three mission strategic pillars:

  • EDUCATE the public on the critical need for unrivaled aerospace power and promote aerospace and STEM education for a technically superior and professional workforce to ensure national security
  • ADVOCATE and promote aerospace power to favorably shape policy and resourcing decisions to guarantee the strongest aerospace forces in the world
  • SUPPORT Airmen, Guardians and the families of the Total Air Force and Space Force, including Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, civilians, families, and members of the Civil Air Patrol

Waterman-Twining Chapter Goals: Provide premier Professional Development opportunities and support for all the airmen and guardians stationed at MacDill AFB. Promote AFA education goals at Stewart MS, USF AFROTC, and area AFJROTC units.

Here are two free AFA resources, which do not require being AFA members.

AFA Daily Report: provided Monday through Friday (except holidays). The topics to the right are from July. To subscribe, go to: )

Mitchell Institute resources ( The Mitchell Institute is the only aerospace power-focused think tank in the nation’s capital. The Institute informs the national security debate, educates about the essential role of aerospace power, and cultivates aerospace-minded talent.

Here are some examples of topics covered.

AFA Members

Air and Space Forces Magazine: Provided either in print version or virtually as an AFA member. New members can get an introductory rate of $20 for an eMembership. If you decide to join, please tell them you were recruited by the Waterman -Twining Chapter #316.

MacDill AFB Support

MacDill AirFest: March 28-30; Support STEM Day and AFA Information table

First Term Airman Course (FTAC): Professional Airman Award at monthly graduation. Includes 1-year
AFA eMembership.
AFA National Resources: Details at; select Education and Support
  • Pitsenbarger Award: $750 education;
  • Family and Spouse Scholarships:
  • AFA’s United Force and Families (F2):
  • Wounded Airman/Guardians Program:

Community Support

Our Community Salutes: Enlistee recognition event on April 24. 


  • Support Arnold Air Society Cadets
  • Present Outstanding AFROTC Cadet of the Year Award

AFJROTC: 10 units in Chapter area

  • Present Outstanding AFJROTC Cadet of the Year

AFA Education Mission Support:

Stewart Middle (NASA Explorer School)

  • Support John Glenn Top Gun Academy (after school space club)
  • Speak at yearly Teach In

Promote and Support CyberPatriot (CP) and StellarXplorers (STLX)

  • Support local StellarCamps and CyberCamps

Chapter Teacher of the Year (TOY)

Chapter Meetings and Newsletters

Chapter Meetings and Newsletters
The Waterman-Twining Chapter meets at least quarterly, sometimes in person, sometimes virtually, and sometimes in a hybrid fashion, with both in person and virtual simultaneously. The most recent approved and draft Meeting Minutes are shown below.

June 2023 Newsletter

Waterman Chapter MTG Minutes 10-27-2023

Chapter History

Jerome “Jerry” Waterman established the first AFA Chapter in the Tampa area, initially called the Florida West Coast Chapter, and renamed the Jerry Waterman Chapter in 1970. Jerry was instrumental in helping secure the use of MacDill Field and Drew Field (now Tampa International Airport) for use by the Air Corps prior to WWII. You can click on his biography below. Jerry was a member of an influential Tampa family, the Mass Brothers, which founded a department store in Tampa. The Maas Brothers history is also shown below and expounds on Jerry Waterman’s influence in the Tampa area.
The John C. Meyer Chapter originally included northern Pinellas County plus Pasco, Hernando, Citrus, and Sumter County areas. In 2008, the Meyer Chapter closed, and Chapter members were reassigned to several Chapters, including the Gen. Nathan F. Twining Chapter (southern Pinellas County) and the Jerry Waterman Chapter (Hillsborough County).
The Twining Chapter was named after General Nathan F. Twining, who entered the Army Air Corps in 1915 and then served in the Air Force from 1947 – 1960. He was the third Air Force Chief of Staff and served two terms as the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff. In 2012, the Twining Chapter merged with the Waterman Chapter to officially become the Waterman-Twining Chapter. As of June 2022, The Waterman-Twining Chapter has over 1100 members, stretching through Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Citrus, and Hernando counties.

Chapter Contacts

Vice President

Dustin Bryant


Teri Weide


Gary Gilchrist


Emily Farkas